Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are offered during certain weeks of the school year and are open to all members of the College community (faculty, staff, students), free of charge. Participants may show up for class without advance registration. Experienced instructors will lead all phases of the work out. Classes meet in the aerobics studio in the Sutcliffe Athletic Center.


TURBO KICK: Mon, Wed, Fri 5:45-6:45 pm         Kitty Baird Center

Instructor: Erica Hill

Cardio kickboxing class with a dance party atmosphere. Combines traditional kickboxing moves with calorie-blasting, high intensity interval training & body weight exercises, all set to fun and upbeat music.

COMBO-MIX AEROBICS:  Mon & Wed 4:30 – 5:30 pm                          Kitty Baird Center

Instructor: Nancy Robertson

Have fun while you get a good cardio workout! Combo-Mix will have a different workout each class, including Step, Insanity, Tabata, weight training & body core strengthening. Each class will include stretching, muscle development & an abdominal workout at the end of the session.

ZUMBA: Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30am – 12:30pm                                              Kitty Baird Center                           

Instructor: Lynette Gullet

A Latin inspired cardio dance workout that uses music & choreographed steps to form a fitness exercise atmosphere. Zumba is truly for anyone who can stand up & dance. No dance experience or skills are necessary.

TOTAL BODY SUSPENSION TRAINING: Mon & Wed 12:15 – 1pm.   IN Buck Fitness Center

Instructor: Shonna Storz

Suspension training (similar to TRX) utilizes your own body weight to challenge your core and muscular endurance. This total body workout will increase your core strength, muscular endurance, balance, posture, flexibility & get your heart rate up, too! You are in complete control of the intensity at which you work simply by adjusting your body position to increase or decrease resistance. Class will conclude with flexibility training for all major muscle groups.

FLEX CORE (formerly Yoga): Monday 7-8 pm, Saturday 12 noon- 1pm, Sunday 11am-12 noon   Kitty Baird Center

Instructor: Erica Hill

Build your muscle strength & core while improving your flexibility. Utilizes ballet, basic yoga, dynamic stretching & strengthening exercises to improve everyday activities & overall health.

INSANITY:  Sundays 3 – 4pm,                                                                  Kitty Baird Center

Instructor: Mavis McCowan

The revolutionary, cardio-based, total body conditioning program! This calorie torching, shirt soaking workout is based on the principles of max interval training & you’ll be ripping through the most heart pumping, muscle shredding, sweat dripping, high-intensity cardio workout ever to find out what you’re really made of. It’s designed to provide you a safe, challenging & results driven workout with zero equipment! Insanity is designed for all fitness levels.

RIPPED: Saturdays- 11am – 12pm,                                                             Kitty Baird Center

Instructor: Mavis McCowan

The one stop body shock is a plateau proof fitness formula that helps participants create continuity, consistency & challenge in every class. This total body, high intensity style program utilizes free weights, resistance & body weight. It masterfully combines the components of resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics & endurance as the workout & offers diet suggestions to help participants attain & maintain their physique in ways that are fun, safe & extremely effective. Participants will be shown various levels of intensity & options for performing exercises, making it a workout that anyone can do.

MODERN DANCE (*NEW*): Mon, Wed 12:30-1:30; Tue, Thurs, Fri 11:30-12:30    Kitty Baird Center

InstructorL Elizabeth Luttinger


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