Centre places 85 athletes on SAA's Fall Academic Honor Roll

Centre places 85 athletes on SAA's Fall Academic Honor Roll

Centre placed 86 athletes on the Southern Athletic Association's Academic Honor Roll, which was released Wednesday.

The total was the most Centre had placed on a fall conference honor roll, eclipsing the previous record of 80 which was set in 2012 while Centre was in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Overall, a total of 535 student athletes received the honor among the SAA's eight schools. To qualify, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum grade-point average of 3.25 for the term and be a regular member of a varsity athletic team in a sport sponsored by the conference.

Below is a list of Centre student athletes who were named to the honor roll.

Men's Cross Country (11)
Albert Anastasio
John Burke
Michael Fryer
Matthew Gilbert
Brent Joplin
John Kieffer
Matthew McCurdy
Cody Pack
Will Short
Jesse Thompson
Will Troy

Women's Cross Country (9)                      
Ashley Eklund
Ashley El Rady
Hannah Ellis
Kate Evans
Andrea Merchak
Cristin Palmer
Camille Seger
Amanda Volcoun
Annie Wiggnton

Field Hockey (6)
Jami Brunner
Ellie Carver
Julie Gates
Sarah Jessee
Barbara Parks
Sydney White

Football (22)
Beau Bennett
Nick Buten
Preston Cahill
Seth Carmichael
Bryan Carroll
Billy Douglas
Aaron Dyche
Conor Flaherty
Steven Fortner
Devon Freeman
Heath Haden
Jacob Hambrick
Brooks Holton
Ben Leahy
Ryan McDonald
Jabari Nickelson
Andrew O'Bannon
Grant Poston
Alexander Savage
Matt Silverman
Steven Sims
Oakley Watkins 

Men's Soccer (12) 
Zac Brown
Jeremy Carlson
Patrick Deffendall
Charles Edwards
Jorge Florez
Andy Karel
George Laventis
Cameron Miller
Ohan Missirian-Dill
Alex Seither
Cole Steber
Robbe Tarver

Women's Soccer (16)
Alex Combs
Rachel Geil
Amy Hebbeler
Annastasia Hicks
Holly Hilton
Catey Hunter
Jocelyn Kantor
Mary Taylor Kersey
Becca King
Kelsey Lloyd
Liz Miller
Anne Mitchell
Olivia Pardue
Mariah Pohl
Megan Rueth
Kristin White 

Volleyball (10)
Beth Cecil
Jenna Foushee
Catherine Janszen
Elizabeth Janszen
Kim Lownds
Jessica Peak
Lydia Prevost
Shelby Shelton
Kary Stivers
Hope Wigginton