The purpose of this statement is to inform cheerleaders, as well as parents and interested students, of the policies of the Centre College cheerleading program. In all policy and program matters, members of the cheer squad are expected to be law-abiding citizens and exemplary representatives of the college.

I. Objectives
Primarily, all cheerleaders must remember that academics are more important than athletics. The cheerleading program should enhance your scholastic career, never compromise it. Secondly, the program is designed to foster growth in the squad members. Cheerleading develops leadership and interpersonal skills, physical health, and a sense of self-confidence
in the participant. These improve the student’s mental and physical well-being and help the student develop into a responsible, mature, and independent adult.

The primary purpose of the cheerleading squad is to support of Centre College and its athletic department. We will accomplish this goal by (1) raising the level of fan support for the athletics program on campus and in the community, (2) keeping the fans focused on the field/floor by performing cheers, stunts, and dance movements and (3) serving as public relations ambassadors for the college.

II. Organizational Structure
The Centre College cheer program has one squad with an on-staff coach. Cheerleaders vote for their captains and co-captains.

III. Involvement
Cheerleader’s main responsibility is cheering at home football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, practices, and pep rallies. In addition to this, cheerleaders may be asked to attend a number of public relations and/or charitable events each year. The squad’s coach must approve all such appearances in advance in order to assure that they reflect positively on the individual cheerleaders, the squad and the college.

IV. Rules And Regulations
A. Participation

1. Anyone wishing to participate in cheerleading must meet the following requirements: a. Attend two of three clinics taught by current cheerleaders, b. Have a 2.5 grade point average.
2. Anyone who has previously resigned from the cheerleading squad must obtain special permission from the Coach before trying out.
3. Depending on the needs of the team, the Coach may name additional members or alternates to the team.
4. The Cheerleading program is a time-consuming activity. Persons who have other serious commitments (other than academics) of their time, such as a child, a spouse, a 20-hour or more work week, etc., are strongly encouraged to discuss their commitment with the cheerleading coach before trying out for the squad.

B. General
1. Cheerleaders shall: a. Maintain a 2.5 grade point average, and b. Be enrolled as a full-time student at Centre.
2. The team advisor may make an exception to rule B. 1. b. in special circumstances.
3. Cheerleaders shall not consume alcoholic beverages while in uniform.
4. Without special permission of the coach, cheerleaders, while in uniform, shall not go into any place where alcoholic beverages are served.
5. Should the squad college cheerleading camp attend, each cheerleader shall have a complete physical by a physician prior to attending camp.
6. Cheerleaders are expected to work as a team. This does not mean you have to be friends with every other member. However, you must be able to put aside individual differences and work together for the good of the squad.
7. Each squad member is personally liable for all of the clothing, uniforms, and equipment assigned to him/her. Replacing lost and/or damaged clothing, uniforms and equipment is the responsibility of each squad member. Care must be taken to insure such clothing, uniforms, and equipment is in a clean and presentable condition.
8. Other rules concerning cheerleaders may be promulgated verbally or in written form by the coach.
9. Violations of any cheerleading rules shall subject the squad member to discipline. The coach, with consultation and advice of the school administrators, is the final arbiter of disciplinary action.
10. A serious violation of these rules or repeated violations shall result in one's being suspended from the squad. A squad member may be suspended from cheering one or more games due to violations of these rules.
11. These rules and regulations are subject to addition and change when found necessary and beneficial. The coach makes final acceptance of all rules. The squad member is required to abide by all rules/regulations set by the coaches and the college’s student handbook.

C. Practices
Cheerleaders shall:
1. Attend all practices (Regular practices are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; special practices will be scheduled as needed.) Practice schedule may change depending upon the availability of the gym and/or the participation in a competition.
2. Not be tardy or absent from practice.
3. Notify coaches as soon as possible if he/she finds it impossible to attend practice or knows he/she is going to be tardy, and
4. Give 110% at all practices, games, competitions, etc., and
5. Not consume alcoholic beverages before a practice.

D. Games
Cheerleaders shall:
1. Attend all home football and basketball games, required scrimmages, and/or special scheduled games or activities,
2. Arrive at the game site thirty minutes prior to kick off or tip off, unless the coach, or captains designate another time, and
3. Never consume alcoholic beverages before a game.

E. Travel
Travel to away games, cheerleading meets, UCA and NCA events will be in accordance with budget restrictions and in accordance with the College rules and regulations. Final authority for all decisions made while traveling shall rest with the coaches.

Cheerleaders have the following responsibilities while traveling:
1. Cheerleaders will always behave in a manner that reflects positively on
their school, teammates, and themselves as individuals.
2. Squad members travel with a chaperone as a group and return as a group, to all off-campus events. If a cheerleader chooses to go to or from a game by other transportation, he/she gives up his/her privilege to cheer at the game, except in special cases, which will be determined by the coaches,
3. Make appearances at certain community and school events (dates and times will be announced well in advance in order to rearrange personal/work schedules.

F. Attendance
1. All members will arrive to practices, games and scheduled events in a punctual manner. An offending squad member will run one mile for each minute he/she is late. Three or more tardies will count as unexcused absence.
2. Absences must be approved in advance by the coach. Pre-approved events may be academic related, doctor’s excuse, etc.
3. Any squad member who is absent without prior approval will not be allowed to cheer at the next game. Three or more unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the squad.

G. Injuries and Illnesses
Squad members will report all injuries and illnesses to the coach immediately. Any injury suffered during practices, games, or other official functions will be treated by the Centre College athletics trainers and/or doctor. Payment for such treatment will be the responsibility of the squad member. In the event of an injury or illness, the squad member is question may not be permitted to practice and cheer for a period of time as determined by the trainer
or a doctor. The squad members’ ability to resume practicing and cheering shall be determined by a trainer or a doctor. If chronic illness or injury causes a squad member to miss games or practices repeatedly, the squad member may be removed from the squad by the advisor.

H. Alcoholic Beverages And Drugs
Cheerleaders should be aware that their behavior is subject to constant scrutiny. Especially when in uniform, cheerleaders are highly visible members of the college community and any questionable decisions they make could have a negative impact on the college, the squad, and themselves. Cheerleaders should always try to keep their visibility in mind, especially on
the subject of overindulgence of alcohol. If a cheerleader finds him/herself in an uncomfortable situation for any reason, but especially because of alcoholic beverages, he/she should inform the coach as soon as possible.

Members of the squad shall adhere to the following rules:
1. Cheerleaders shall not possess or drink alcoholic beverages in a College vehicle;
2. Cheerleaders shall not consume alcoholic beverages before or during a game or a practice;
3. Cheerleaders shall not procure for or attempt to coerce cheerleaders who are under 21 or who do not want to drink alcoholic beverages into doing the same.

Cheerleaders who violate these rules shall be subject to serious disciplinary measures up to and including immediate dismissal from the squad.

Centre College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for the cheerleading program. Conduct that involves the unlawful possession, use, distribution or manufacture of controlled substances by a cheerleader while traveling for the College or at any official cheerleading functions/ activities shall result in termination from the cheerleading program. Similarly, the unlawful possession, use, dispensation, distribution or manufacture of controlled substances by a cheerleader at any other time shall result in appropriate discipline, up to and including termination from the cheer program; any sanction for such a violation outside of cheerleading functions/activities shall be with consideration to the potential embarrassment or bad reflection on the cheer program, and/or the College. Like all Centre athletes, members of the squad are subject to random drug testing. Initial positive drug tests shall result in dismissal from the squad. Cheerleaders are expected to be good citizens and therefore, carefully and faithfully abide by College rules and regulations and the laws and ordinances of the city or state in which they live or travel.

V. Health
The cheerleading program is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and eating habits for squad members. Conduct which poses an unacceptable risk and/or disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of participants will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination form the squad.

Cheerleaders at Centre College must be excellent athletes. Cheerleading involves the aspects of several athletic activities, e.g., rotation and tumbling of gymnastics, stamina of basketball, strength of bodybuilding or football, and the balance and movement of dance. Squad members must have sufficient strength to base pyramids and to lift, hold, throw, and catch other squad members safely. Squad members must be of appropriate size and weight such that they can be lifted, held, thrown, and caught safely. Squad members must demonstrate the flexibility which is necessary in the athletic aspects of cheerleading.

In order to maintain this level of fitness, all squad members are required to perform mandatory weight training and cardiovascular workouts outside of practice on an individual basis. You can pick up a copy of the training regimen from your coach

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