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Training Program

Training Program

Centre Power
Off-season training is based on one goal: to increase your ability as a football player. Our primary focus is not setting records on bench press or getting an impressive time on the 40. Instead, we focus on training you to reach the apex of your athletic ability so that you translate your training efforts into success on the field, dominating your opponent on game day in the fall.

The Game Plan
We train four main areas to increase your physical and mental ability on the field.

Speed/Agility: Dashes, speed drills, body mechanics and control, and agility drills combine to increase your acceleration, coordination, efficiency, and fluidity.

Strength: Intense weight training will maximize the force you can exert on your opponent.  You will push through previous plateaus and limits thus giving you a distinct mental and physical advantage.

Explosiveness: A carefully calculated combination of Olympic lifts, plyometrics, and quick–twitch medicine ball power drills will increase your explosive force.

Endurance: Extreme aerobic work, interval training, and contact drills will prepare your body for the physical punishment and harsh demands of football. You will train to win the 4th quarter. You will become an invincible force both physically and mentally before stepping foot on the grid iron



Instruction: At Centre you will be trained by a certified member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The science meshed with the passion and work ethic from our staff forms a potent concoction yielding the results you need.

Equipment: With $80,000 worth of new equipment, including state of the art power racks, weights and Hammer Strength Machines in a 3,000-square foot strength training facility, you have all that you need to increase your power. In addition, we have plans to increase the facility by 4,000 square feet, giving us even more training options to make you a versatile athlete.

Desire: Essential to any strength program is the athlete's desire to train. If you want to be the best football player that you can be, the Centre Power program will help you succeed. A football player with adequate intrinsic motivation will be chiseled into one of the most dominate forces in the NCAA with the strength and conditioning programs of Centre College Football. We take very seriously the task of helping you achieve greatness